6 Week Junk Food Bender

It’s been a rough couple months.

We wrapped up The Get Healthy Summit in June, and as soon as I wasn’t talking about raw foods and natural health 5 times a week, I could feel myself slipping into old ways of thinking.

I was still eating green and raw, but a hectic work schedule and a bunch of deadlines started taking its toll… I started working late, and snacking late as well.

So even though I was still eating healthy, I was eating late, and overeating too.

I started not taking the time to plan ahead and stock the greens and veggies my body was used to.

Then all hell broke loose on the home front…

The refrigerator broke, and all our food was on ice in coolers for a week while the fridge guy got the part he needed…

One of the cats freaked out on the other two, and started spraying everywhere. We were out of town at the time, and when we got back, our bedroom reeked of piss.

So we tore out all the carpet. And the baseboards and trim. And some of the drywall.

Then the pool heater broke, and that was another $500 bucks…

On and on and on… You get the picture.

The combination of stress and deadlines knocked me right off the wagon…

And it all added up to me basically freaking out and going on a 6 week junk food bender.

It started with an occasional beer and maybe some wings to end a long week.

Before long, I was throwing back old favorites like jerk chicken and beans and rice… Chinese food, pizza, some chips and a soda with a big Italian sandwich for lunch…

You name it.

And of course my taste buds changed, and I started craving junk…

And of course I put back 10 of the pounds I had worked so hard to get rid of.


I’m happy to report though that I’m finally back on track.

I started pre-chopping and pre-washing vegetables and greens for juicing and smoothies again, and it’s really helped to curb the cravings…

But it’s been a real wake up call. Eating right and managing cravings  is a slippery slope that takes CONSTANT attention.

It’s been a valuable lesson!

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2 Responses to “6 Week Junk Food Bender”

  1. Harris Says:

    Thanks for being real and sharing this, Eric. It’s good for other people to see that ‘gettin’ healthy’ ain’t always easy.


  2. Timmy Says:

    You GO boy. I totally agree. I’ve been sucking at anything healthy lately but I see all my people making a go of it and it makes me feel like getting back in the ring. 🙂 But it ain’t easy.


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