Do It Yourself Organic Garden

I’ll admit, I was afraid of gardening…

Primarily because I had heard (or formed) the following preconceptions:

  1. I won’t know what to plant, or what time of year to plant it. My plants will die and I’ll feel stupid.
  2. It’s too hot in Florida. The sun will cook anything I try to grow. My plants will die and I’ll feel stupid.
  3. Bugs or mold will destroy everything. I’ll throw $500 bucks down the drain. My plants will die and I’ll feel stupid.
  4. A rattlesnake will bite my ass.

Turns out, I was wrong!

Florida has a natural, year-round grow season and everything I’ve planted so far is doing great! The soil is for shit down here (a mixture of sand, shells, and rocks) but our compost bin has helped us cycle nutrients into the organic soil we do buy…

Other than that, it’s been easy. With a little encouragement from my old friend Theo, my son and I just bought some seeds and soil… Filled up some pots, and dumped the seeds everywhere.

Then we watered them.

Those that grew, we re-potted in bigger pots.

Taking care of them has been a breeze as well. If they look wilted, they need sun or water. If they start to turn yellow, they’re getting too much sun.

Adjust accordingly.

Behold the power of our epic starter garden:

2013-02-27 10.34.58

Cucumbers. I think.

2013-02-27 10.35.06

Not sure what this little bastard is either… I think it’s a melon.

2013-02-27 10.35.41

Cabbage! Can’t wait for this guy to get the size of a Buick. Anyone know when I should pick it?
Should I pick the whole thing? Or just take leaves? Perhaps Uncle Google can help.

2013-02-27 10.36.00

Our Papaya Tree! I bought this for Wendy for Mother’s Day two years ago… Since then, it’s
doubled in size and now it’s throwing off huge, beautiful Papayas. I like juicing them.

2013-02-27 10.34.48

A small Papaya.

2013-02-27 10.36.34

Aloe starters, and some palm-tree looking thing I found in the back yard.

2013-02-27 10.36.40

Our Koi pond. Sounds all chill and relaxing and is the perfect backdrop
for screaming at my children.

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