Mental Health Day

I never use an alarm clock because I don’t need one. I’m one of those blessed (or annoying) people who just wake up early, no matter what.

I’ve been that way for years.

Come 5:30am, and no matter how late I was up the night before…

BAM! I’m awake.

So this morning, even though I worked late last night with the candles and the jazz going…

I was up early to have a cup of coffee and see Wendy off to work.

But I didn’t want to be.

I was tired.

So I drank my coffee, and made my juice, and walked into the kids bedrooms to wake them up for school…

And they looked so happy, and so comfortable and sleep… all wrapped up with their cats and blankets…

That I just couldn’t wake them up.

I decided right then and there that today would be a mental health day.

So I closed their bedroom doors, and went out on the patio and answered some emails.

Evan woke up at around 9:30. He stumbled out of his bedroom with his hair sticking out in every direction, and said “Is it the weekend still?”


Mental Health Day bro.

Rowan got up about an hour later, and I packed a picnic and we headed to the beach. As I write this, I’m laying under a palm tree, with sand between my toes…

And the kids are splashing away in the water just in front of me.

It’s a Monday today. The new quarter just started for the kids at school. They have homework and I have deadlines.

But you know what?

Sometimes you just need a mental health day 🙂

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