The “Inside Scoop” On Hydro Colon Cleanses

October 17, 2013

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Imagine, for a moment, that you’re laying prone on your side, while a complete stranger inserts a tube into your butt.

Now imagine that stranger flipping a switch that pushes water into your butt through that tube…

And once you’re full, reversing the engines and sucking all the water out, along with whatever’s been trapped up inside you for the last 10 years or so.

This is hydro colon therapy… And I went last week and had it done for the first time.


Well, during The Get Healthy Summit, Matt Monarch and several other speakers spoke of the healing benefits of hydro colon therapy…

So that piqued my interest.

Apparently, it helps remove toxins from your body, and can also clear out heavy foods (meat, junk food, etc. etc.) that might be trapped and rotting high up in your intestines.

And since I ate like a total idiot for twenty years or so, I figured it might be a good idea to look into it.

Plus, I kept picturing the fossilized remains of the Italian Beef sandwiches I ate back in high school sitting sideways inside me, blocking everything up…

And that vision pushed me over the edge.

I found our local certified Hydro-Colon Therapist by asking for recommendations at our local health store…

But these days, a Google search combined with some online reviews probably works just as well.

Her are my thoughts on the treatment itself, and what my results have been like:

  1. It wasn’t as awkward as I thought it would be. Granted, not a whole lot of people have ever seen my backside…Let alone played with it.But I stayed relaxed and trusted the process and thankfully, the therapist was knowledgable and professional.

    I was surprised that she stayed in the room for the entire process. For some reason, I thought she might “hook me up” and then leave me to breathe and relax while she manipulated the controls from another room.

    But no.

    She hooked me up, and then sat there next to me and walked me through the process, answered my questions, and manipulated the controls.

    For almost an hour, I had water pushed into me until I felt full to bursting…

    And then the therapist would release it (which felt quite relieving) while massaging my stomach and sides the whole time.

  2. The process itself was (at times) really uncomfortable. She had warned me that releasing all the putrid waste from my intestines and the toxins from my liver might make me queasy…And it did.You know that sickening feeling you get when you have to take a sudden, emergency crap? Your stomach rolls, and you get pale and clammy, and maybe even a little sweaty?

    Yeah… There were several times during the hour that I felt like that.

    Not the most enjoyable thing in the world.

  3. Did it work? Consider this: When I weighed myself that afternoon, I had lost 8 POUNDS. And the crap I took was that evening was almost black -Clearly I was getting rid of things that were previously stuck.And I felt great!

    Except my side was sore. All of the massaging of my upper intestines and liver made that area quite tender for a few days.

Total cost was about $80 bucks and in my opinion, worth it. I would definitely go again, but probably not as frequently as some people recommend. I will probably stick to twice a year.

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