What Is A Raw (Diet) Menu?

Eating out and eating healthy at the same time is a challenging proposition.

In fact, it’s proving damn near impossible for me to find a menu with healthy, raw choices on it.

Take Carrabbas, for instance.2013-03-23 09.28.37

We never ate there all that much, but when we did eat out, we  liked places like Roy’s and  Carrabba’s and Bonefish Grill.

Not so much anymore.

I can hear you now saying “Just get a salad, dude!” but it’s not that simple.

First of all – The portions are just fucking HUGE. And I have a big problem leaving my plate half full.

I was raised to “clean my plate” at every meal.  I hate wasting food!

Next – Everything is covered in way too much sauce or dressing.

And finally… Even if you get your sauces or dressings on the side…

There’s no guarantee the vegetables are organic or free from pesticides.

The last time we went to Carrabba’s, I skipped the bread. I ordered a salad and a Margarita pizza. I ate the salad (dressing on the side, and sprinkled on the salad in very small amounts) and one piece of the pizza… And still felt over-full


I guess the best I can do is avoid the mountains of free bread… Avoid the pasta and cheese…

Stick with soup and salads, and maybe some grilled vegetables (NOT cooked in butter, please)…

And only eat a third of what I’m given. Or… Just eat at home!

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